Children with additional needs

We know the importance for parents to find good childcare and this can become difficult when your child has an additional need. At Schools Out Club we aim to include all children regardless of their abilities & background and strive to create a personalised environment that suits their needs and interests.

Schools Out Club is an out of school childcare provider that provides breakfast, after school and holiday care from 7:30am-6pm and takes children from 3yrs- 14yrs. All our settings have an under 8's and over 8's areas. Outdoor play opportunities, a huge selection of toys and lots of fun projects and activities to take part in.

When any child joins the club who has an additional need we find as much information out from yourselves as possible and collate a booklet called ‘All About Me’. We use these booklets to refer to and build upon so that we can tailor your child’s day accordingly. They include your child’s routine, likes, dislikes and important details about their additional need. These booklets are also enjoyed by the children as they can add to them themselves and we record activities that your child has really enjoyed.

We provide children with a visual timetable of the day so they can see the structure of what happens and in what order and this can help children who especially need a visual reference of their day to help it to run smoother. For some children we will provide their own visual timetable so we can structure their day with their own routine board with the help of our new resource PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).

We have sensory toys that help children to relieve stress and children get a lot of enjoyment out of touching and playing with them too. The resources we have for this are tactile toys, visual toys and toys that make sounds.

Schools Out Club can provide areas for physical play with our bouncy castle room and soft play equipment. We will also provide an area where children can be quiet and use this area for calming down or simply just wanting some quiet time.

Every day we have a member of staff who is there as a mentor for any children with additional needs to ensure that their day is planned out for them and that they are happy and taking part in the activities they enjoy. The mentor observes as well as interacts with your children and will be supportive. The mentor works closely with your child and will adapt any information noted for your child’s All About Me Booklet.

Schools Out Club have many staff members that are experienced in working with children with additional needs and have undergone training to help them support your child.

Schools Out Club will work with any professionals that are involved in your child’s life and feel free to arrange for them to attend the setting with your child. We often meet with professionals who have worked with your child before so they can give extra information about how your child works best.