Open 7.30 am til 6.00 pm

Inset Days

We will be open for the inset days listed below. The inset days will be held at our breakfast and after school club settings.

On inset days we plan lots of fun and creative activities for children to take part in includes cookery, arts & crafts, science experiments, growing & nature activities, sports & games. Along side our activities children can also play freely with the many toys and resources we have on offer.

We also often take children to the park at the Allestree and Kilburn site’s during the day and we take lots of sports equipment and games to play.

We offer the same sessions for inset day that we do for holiday club which also includes the 10% discount on full day sessions for blue light badge holders, Rolls Royce, University of Derby, St Benedict’s employees and choices gym members.

Children will need a packed lunch for the full day and school day session. A packed lunch is optional for the morning session as we usually have lunch around 12 noon.

To book an Inset day please fill out the Holiday Club Section of the booking form, click here for booking form

October 2020

23rd October – Horsley c of e, Denby Free, Curzon

November 2020

2nd November – Kilburn Infants, Kilburn Juniors, Horsley Wood, Whitecross, Markeaton.

6th November – Walter Evans.

20th November – Lawn

30th November – Horsley Wood, Kilburn Juniors

December 2020

2nd December – St Marys

7th December -Portway Infants, Portway Juniors

18th December – Kilburn Infants, St Edmunds (PM ONLY)

January 2021

4th January – Emmanuel, Markeaton, St Edmunds, Curzon, Lawn.

25th January – Portway Infants, Portway Juniors.

26th January – Portway Infants, Portway Juniors.

February 2021

12th February – Emmanuel

22nd February – Horsley c of e, Denby Free, Kilburn Juniors, Horsley Wood,

24th February – St Marys.

March 2021

April 2021

1st April – Markeaton

30th April – St Edmunds

May 2021

28th May – Portway Infants, Portway Juniors

June 2021

7th June – Horsley c of e, Kilburn Juniors, Horsley Wood, Markeaton, Curzon

July 2021

2nd July – Denby Free

20th July – St Marys

22nd July – Horsley c of e, Curzon, St Edmunds (PM ONLY)

23rd July – Emmanuel