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If you’ve never used the club before, please complete a registration form first before making a booking. This can be done by pressing the green ‘register now’ button. Once you have completed a registration form you can then book in sessions using the holiday club booking form.

We can no longer accept last minute bookings at holiday club. Bookings received with less than 48 hours notice to the date required will not be booked in.

Children must be toilet trained to attend the holiday club. We do not accept children in nappies or pull ups.

Please ensure that younger children bring spare clothes with them in a labelled bag for each session.

If yes please state below. We have a limited number of places each day for higher needed SEND children. Once our allocated spaces have been filled, we unfortunately will not be able to provide a place as staffing have been allocated according to the set number of places. Please make sure any new targets and EHCP's are shared with us to keep children's profiles up to date.

Holiday Club

Please select the day and any additional trips you require below.

Please select on the form which setting you would like your child to attend.

Bus Seats for Holiday Club to & from the Kilburn setting

Children 8 years and older are based at Kilburn for the holidays. We can provide a free minibus service from the Allestree setting to Kilburn and back again at the end of the day. Bus seats need to be booked on the form below. The bus will leave at 8:30am and bring children back at 5:30pm. The bus departs and brings children back from the Allestree venue which is either St John's or St Edmund's depending on where we are running the Allestree holiday club from as this differs on different holidays.

If you would like a bus seat, please tick on the booking form for which bus journey you require for that day. If you need both to and from Kilburn, please tick both am bus and pm bus.

If you don't require any bus service and you will be dropping and collecting your child off directly at the Kilburn setting, then please leave the bus boxes blank.

Inset Days

On inset days we will be open from different venues depending which schools are off. Please see next to each date where we will be holding inset day sessions.

For some inset days we will be offering a free bus service using our own Schools Out Club buses to take children to the setting. The bus will leave at 9am and bring children back at 3pm. Please see the dates for any options of a bus service and from what locations.

If you will be dropping and collecting your child at the Allestree setting please select the St Johns venue option.

If you will be dropping and collecting your child at the Kilburn setting please select the Kilburn venue option.

If you will be dropping your child at the Mickleover setting please select the Mickleover venue.

If you will be dropping your child at the Duffield setting please select the Duffield venue.

If you will be dropping and collecting your child at the Kilburn setting please select the Kilburn venue option.

Summer Holiday Club

October Half Term

Click here to read contract with Schools Out Club

Ways To Pay

Bank Account Details:

Allestree and Holiday Club Setting

Account Number: 42338622

Sort Code: 09-06-66

Kilburn Setting

Account Number: 43560296

Sort Code: 09-06-66

Repton Setting

Account Number: 42338634

Sort Code: 09-06-66

If you would like to pay by BACs you must:

Email us with the following: The date and amount transferred and the name of the child/children paid for.

When making the transaction please make sure that it has a reference on with your child’s name.

Please add your child’s name as a reference when transferring your vouchers. These are the current companies we are registered with but if you use a different childcare voucher operator then we are more than willing to register with them just contact us. If your child is attending the Holiday Club then please use the Allestree reference Nos.

All Save

Apple Childcare Voucher
Tel: 0845 6029459

Busy Bees Benefits

Care-4 Vouchers
Tel: 0870 870 4114
Allestree Breakfast & After School Club 67811442
Holiday Club 61099311
Kilburn 50754308

Childcare Plus

Choose You At Work

Computershare Vouchers
Tel 08000 430 860
Allestree Reference No- 0007791167
Kilburn Reference No- 0008308552

Co-op Childcare Vouchers
Tel: 0800 458 7929
Allestree Reference No- 85010803
Kilburn Reference No- 85014066

Ednered/Accor Childcare Vouchers
Tel: 0800 247 1233
Allestree Reference No- P518579
Kilburn Reference No- P20419187

Employers for Childcare Vouchers Ltd

Enjoy Benefits

Fair Care
Tel: 0800 652 4745

Fideliti Childcare Vouchers

Kiddi Vouchers

Tel: 0845 365 2999
Allestree Reference No- 00402932
Kilburn Reference No- 00402931

Leapfrog/Computershare Vouchers
Tel: 0800 783 7624

RG Childcare 

Salary Exchange

Sodexho Childcare Vouchers
Allestree Reference No- 162062

We have visa machines in all our settings. You can also pay over the phone by calling 07984908836

You may be able to get upto 30 hours of free childcare (1,140 hours per year) if your child is aged 3-4yrs old. 

If you would like to use any of your 30 hours of free childcare please contact us by emailing

or if you would like more information on how to apply through the government portal CLICK HERE.

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