Here is our registration forms you need to fill in for each child. To join the club you will need to complete a registration form which includes contact details and a contract which must be read and signed.

Please note: There is no registration fee and late bookings are accepted.

Please fill in all sections. It’s important that we have as much information as possible. Fields marked * are mandatory.

You must also read a copy of our contract in order for us to enrol your child. You can download a copy here:

Once we have received the registration form, we will email you back with confirmation and an invoice.


Children must be toilet trained to attend the holiday club. We do not accept children in nappies or pull ups.

Please ensure that younger children bring spare clothes with them in a labelled bag for each session.

Please Note:

Unfortunately we can not register your child if they aren't fully toilet trained to attend and wedo not accept children in nappies or pull ups. You are welcome to register your child when they are toilet trained.

Contact Information

Carer 1

Carer 2

Carer 3

Parental Responsibilities

Medical Information

Please Note - 24 hours is the compulsory duration in which we cannot except children into our setting if they have suffered from sickness, diarrhea, conjunctivitis or any other highly contagious illness

Any child reistering that has additional needs or SEND, first needs to complete and submit a booklet about their child called 'All About Me and My Additional Needs'. We have a limited number of places each day for higher needed SEND children. Once our allocated spaces have been filled, we unfortunately will not be able to provide a place. Please see the booklet 'All About Me and My Additional Needs' which can be found on this page under the heading 'additional forms'. You can also read the registrtaion and booking process for children with additionals needs and SEND in this booklet.

Please let us know what password you would like to use for security checks when you arrange alternative collections for your child. Please always let us know if someone else is due to collect your child.


In order to comply with legislation will you please indicate whether you are agreeable to staff administering Calpol to your child, if necessary. Reasons for administering Calpol would be if you ast he parent/s were unable to collect your child promptly as to reduce temperature or distress fromillness if all other methods fail.
Consent is always required prior to administering any medication.
Please see check one of the boxes below

During time spent by your child at our setting they may be involved in trips during holidays or outings away from the setting. We need your permission for your child to take part in these.

Photography and Video Consent Policy- Schools Out Club (All Sites)

Schools Out Club uses photography and short videos to share and express the activities conducted whilst on site with the intention of publicising the company for marketing purposes and to show parents/guardians activities that their children take part in whilst at Schools Out Club. Occasionally, images & videos will be taken off-site during special events and trips to showcase activities that have been undertaken.
All images & videos are taken with the strict intention of being added to our social media platforms, around the setting and used on editorials for magazines, posters and advertisements. This includes (but not limited to) Facebook, Instagram, twitter and our Website ( Images are also used in profiles for the Early Years Foundation Stage for evidence of development milestones of children 3-5 years old. Photos are used around the setting on display.

Images & videos taken are used to showcase activities conducted on site for the purpose of promoting our business. Although most of the media taken are without children, there are occasions where children may be included in the images either playing with an activity or demonstrating what has been created whilst on site. On these occasions, the images containing children would purely be for the benefit of the image and the purpose of the activity.

On-site photography & video
Across all sites we have display boards that may have images of children conducting activities. These would be to allow children to be more inclusive within their space, promoting pride and allowing parents to see what activities have been conducted whilst on site.

Storage and Security
Images & media are taken on work-purpose phones (not personal phones) and then transferred to computers that are password-protected and stored online using One-Drive with access limited to select members of staff purely with the professional requirement to view. No images or videos are sold for profit.

All images & media are covered under Safeguarding policies on site and should you have any concerns regarding the usage of images and the safety of the child, please contact your site Safeguarding Officers:

Ann Toplis
Lily Hudson

You may contact any of the above members of staff at or alternatively, please speak to the members of the staff on site.

Additional Forms